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Solarscreen, established in 1998, are Australia's leading manufacturer of custom window insulation for vehicles. They have an emphasis on recreational vehicles, camper vans and motor homes and use a sophisticated 7-layer flexible fabric to block out heat and light held in place with substantial suction caps. Undoubtedly a quality product, but perhaps not directed at everyday motoring.

Just Kampers,

This company specialises in parts and accessories for VWs and has a range of 'Thermo mats'  for VW vans.


Silver screens of the UK make high quality insulating window covers for motorhomes. They use a quilted cover like Solarscreen, except that it has 3 layers and while it is primarily used as an external cover, it can also be used inside the vehicle. It is held in place by closing the doors around pockets in the fabric or with Velcro-fitted straps.

Covercraft,     and in Australia:

Covercraft are the 'World's largest manufacturers of custom patterned vehicle covers', have been in the business since 1965 and produce an extensive range of products, including reflective roll-up and concertina internal sunshades ('heat shields') for automobiles. They have over 500 patterns to fit most popular cars, pickups and vans, dating from 1953 to the present. Their roll-up sunshade uses flexible reflective foam while the concertina type sunshade uses a 'foam-core board' with reflective material on the outside and soft fabric on the inner surface. Their range of sunshades has been extended to cover models for the Australian market. 

Intro-Tech Automotive,

This company, established in 1991,  manufactures roll-up sunshade products and has over 2,000 patterns for cars, trucks, SUV's and minivans! Their product is computer-cut and has a lifetime warranty.

Cee Baileys, http://store.ceebaileys

As part of its diverse range of accessories that includes aircraft as well as automobiles, Cee Baileys make a roll-up metalised bubble-foam sunshade for car windscreens and front doors. The windscreen sunshade is unusual in that it is 2-piece, with a join in the centre that allows for a close fit around the rear view mirror. The sunshade does not apparently require support from the sun visors, being a close fit to the moulding around the windscreen. The sunshades for the front doors are a press fit.

This site, associated with Canvas Works, California,  indicates that over the last 20 years they  have made roll-up HeatShield patterns for virtually every car, truck and van on the road in the US!  They are computer-cut from reflective foam. They also have side and rear window patterns for many models. 


Coverking introduced a line of roll-up custom sunshields more than 10 years ago. They developed a special high density foam which has excellent insulation properties, and laminated it between two layers of Mylar (the resin Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)).The outer layer is Mylar with an aluminized coating, the inside layer is plain Mylar, which adds rigidity and protects the middle foam layer. All Coverking Custom Sunshield patterns are CAD designed from the original vehicle windshield and are held in place by their close fit against the windscreen surround.

Car-top covers

A throw-over car-top cover that displays some American ingenuity!

Mike Satur of the UK has developed several car top covers exclusively for the MGF/TF. The 'Sunmate' covers the canvas soft top and all the glass.

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