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My sunshades are designed and constructed in Australia for front, rear and side windows of individual models of cars to provide optimal cooling and protection for the dashboard and interior.

Hyundai i30 front sunshade Citroen BX 19
Jaguar S-TYpe rear sunshade
Hyundai i30  Citroen BX19
Rear  sunshade Jaguar S-Type

Generic sunshades for front windscreens are very difficult to find with the right combination of width and height, particularly for modern cars that have tall windscreens. Mine fit properly, there are none of the zig-zag gaps that commonly occur at the base of the windscreen, and they have the minimum-sized cutout necessary to fit behind the rear view mirror. They are made from 6mm thick reflective polyethylene foam, made in QLD, providing superior rigidity to the usual bubble foams. The front sunshades are held in place simply by the sunvisors and are quick to install. The rear sunshades use magnetic support - no suction caps are required. Side windows use either a magnetic or a press fit. When not in use they fold up neatly and are held together with a Velcro or elastic strap.

Western Star Constellation 4800/4900

Western Star 4800/4900 Constellation

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